Want to start your quarter with a bang instead of the usual whimper that escapes when you buy textbooks? Are you frustrated with spending hundreds of dollars, and then facing the pirate philosophy of “take what you can, give nothing back!” when your books are resold for seemingly just pennies a few months later?

So are we, so after one hectic year packed with days (and caffeinated nights) of discussing and coding, we’re ready to launch idlebook.com!

Idlebook’s premise is to make your college life affordable and hassle-free through a simple rental system that connects you to fellow Huskies with books to spare, while also offering you the chance to make a few bucks! Simply log on to idlebook, search our complete list of textbooks, and then request a title or post your own available copy. Once two people connect on idlebook, the owner drops the textbook at our location on the Ave for easy pick-up. At the end of the quarter the owner can come back to same location (with a little more spending money in their pockets!) to grab it. Students support fellow students, spendy books don’t lie on shelves unused, and everyone saves!

Because Idlebook is currently just for Huskies, we offer security through a user rating system and verified UW student status, and we are also able to focus on the books you’ll actually need each quarter at the UW. We are also a company making it surprisingly easy to be green by reducing and reusing textbooks!